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Minerva Theatre
24 Apr - 24 May 2014

Nervous and droll, Stevie Smith spends her days as a private secretary at the Newnes Publishing Company and her evenings in the London suburbs eating Battenberg cake and Ginger Nuts
with her beloved Aunt. All the time she is writing the piercing poetry and prose that will make her famous.
In between there are diverting visits from a series of men and, later on, tussles with literary celebrity. Beyond everything there is her greatest, often darkly comic, struggle: to keep waving when she feels like drowning.

Hugh Whitemore’s award-winning play is both a moving glimpse into an unconventional and challenging life, and a compelling celebration of Stevie Smith’s ever-popular and powerful poetry.

Zoë Wanamaker plays the eponymous heroine Stevie having last appeared at Chichester in Electra (1997).

Christopher Morahan directed The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists for Festival 2010.
Hugh Whitemore’s other plays include A Marvellous Year for Plums (Festival 2012).

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