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Morality is torn to shreds as a passionate affair between the beautiful Vittoria and her lover, the Duke, unleashes a murderous revenge plot in this Jacobean potboiler. Although they are both married to other people, The Duke of Brachiano has conceived a violent passion for Vittoria Corombona, daughter of a noble but impoverished Venetian family. Vittoria's brother, Flamineo, employed as a secretary to Brachiano, has been scheming to bring his sister and the Duke together in the hope of advancing his career and their family fortune. But the arrival of Brachiano's wife Isabella, escorted by her brother and the Cardinal, forces their hands and the scheming quickly turns deadly. Check out exclusive photos from the show below! Inspired by bizarre real-life events from Renaissance Italy, John Webster conjures an extraordinary tale of hypocrisy, seduction and revenge. In Annie Ryan's bold take on the original, her cast of villains, victims and conspirators move through the dark spaces between reality and nightmares, creating scandal and destruction at every shadowy turn.

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