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Minerva Theatre
4 Jul - 9 Aug 2014
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by August Strindberg
in a new version by Rebecca Lenkiewicz
'Miss Julie’s her usual self tonight... a lunatic she is!'

Gossip and rumour spiral around aristocrat Miss Julie. Particularly regarding her attitude towards, and treatment of, men.

Now she has spent a wild Midsummer Night’s Eve waltzing with her servants in a barn, and paying particular attention to her father’s handsome valet, Jean.

Enflamed by passion and careless of her reputation, Miss Julie follows Jean home to the court kitchen and demands he return to the party to dance with her again. But how powerful is Miss Julie’s charged command when, despite her high birth, she is a woman and he is a man?

Written in 1888 Strindberg’s masterful exploration of sex, class and power asks who in the battle of the sexes is really the servant, and who the master.

Jamie Glover last appeared at Chichester in Festival 2013’s If Only and returns to make his CFT directorial debut with this double-bill.
Winner of the Critics’ Circle Theatre Award for Most Promising Playwright, Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s work includes Her Naked Skin at the National Theatre.BLACK COMEDY
by Peter Shaffer
'Operator, can you give me the London Electricity Board, please? Night Service... I’m sure it’s in the book, Miss, but I’m afraid I can’t see... There’s no need to apologise. No, I’m not blind - I just can’t see! We’ve got a fuse... No, we haven’t got any matches!’
Impoverished artist Brindsley Miller is in trouble. He’s about to be introduced to his fiancée’s father, at the same time as a millionaire art dealer’s stopping by, and a bohemian former
girlfriend is returning to town.

In readiness for the biggest night of Brindsley’s life, he has secretly ‘borrowed’ his uptight neighbour’s expensive furniture.

When all is carefully in place, the fuse blows and the flat is plunged into complete darkness. And then the troublesome neighbour returns.

Devilishly quick and modishly chic, Peter Shaffer’s masterly farce wickedly exposes what really goes on in the dark.

Black Comedy was commissioned in 1965 by legendary dramaturg Kenneth Tynan to accompany a National Theatre production of Miss Julie. The original double bill premiered at Chichester Festival Theatre later that year starring Maggie Smith and Albert Finney.
This season we celebrate the work of one of our greatest and most popular playwrights, Peter Shaffer, with three weekends of talks, readings and discussions.
Miss Julie and Black Comedy sponsored by Conciair
Supported by The Miss Julie and Black Comedy Commissioning Circle

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