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Having told so many classic tales from other cultures The London Scoop presents a double bill of KING ARTHUR and THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ.

Although written centuries apart and conceived for a very different readership, they have a surprising amount in common. Both have a wizard and a witch and a central figure who assembles a team to fight for a common good. In Oz, Dorothy draws together a group of travellers seeking self-improvement and Arthur appoints a group of knights to strive for a more honourable England.

The difference is that Dorothy succeeds and Arthur's ambitions? Well, let's call them a work in progress. But his story can still inspire us as we consider the nature of leadership, and inform debate as to whether there are any English values that we can still be proud of, whatever our heritage.

These two titles have remained enduringly popular down the ages, perhaps because they celebrate honour in friendship, but certainly because they've great characters and plots - exactly the kind of stories we like to share at The Scoop.
The cast, who perform in both shows, combine touring and West End experience with drama school graduates giving their debut performances. Adrian Decosta (Arthur in King Arthur and Tin Man in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) has performed in the West End, as well as the National Theatre and with the RSC, while Emma Hoey (Dorothy in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Gawynn in King Arthur) makes her professional debut after graduating from Mountview. They are joined by Sarah Agha (Homeland), Siobhan Cha Cha (Autopsy: The Last Days of Lisa Lopes), Hadley Smith (Richard III, Swan Theatre), Tom Gordon (Pride and Prejudice, Courtyard Theatre Hereford), Henry Wyrley-Birch (Timothy, The Vaults), Eva Fontaine (After Orlando, Vibrant Festival), and PK Taylor, who performed in The Odyssey for London's Free Open Air Theatre last summer.

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